You know what’s not permanent in life? Bathing and Motivation.

That’s why we need both every day.

Whatever your goal, whatever your dream, set your goal and make a plan because a fresh start requires a plan

Hi, my name is Paula, and my husband and I felt we needed a fresh start together.

You won’t believe this, but we actually sold and donated every single thing we both owned with the exception of our 3 pets and what we could fit into our 2 Honda Civic trunks. Then we sold our house and moved from Texas to the Pacific Northwest.

We aren’t spring chickens, in fact, we’re nearing retirement age, and we knew we just needed a change. This didn’t happen over a long period of time. We discussed, planned, purged, sold and then took off on our 2,000 mile journey.

It was part exhilarating, part fun and part scarier than hell! We saw things on our road trip we’d never seen before. For example, in Wyoming a herd of huge ram ran across the highway, onto the rugged rocks, up and over in what seemed like 2 seconds but at the same time was almost slow motion. We were the first car that would have hit them if timing wasn’t on our side. Guess God wasn’t through with us yet! Something you can only remember in your mind and almost can’t believe that it actually happened. They almost seemed like Zeus the god and his followers with their muscular builds and phenomenal curved horns. Amazing.

We transferred 2 cats and a dog into and out of hotel rooms with not much ease, as we attempted to shut off all spaces from the cats so we could find them the next morning and do it all over again.

We listened to music, took photos of clouds and talked of our future. THAT you couldn’t get me to trade for all the money in the world. It was a bonding experience that included nobody else but us.

Did I happen to mention that we only lasted 1 winter up there, shoveling snow?! Well, it’s the truth, and we turned around, loaded up the animals and headed back to Texas where the sun is bright and the winters are mild.

Happy to be back in our native land where everything is familiar, we know we belong here, but we never would have known had we not made the journey. You know what they say about the journey….

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