For me and my husband, 2 forks is enough, 3 is better and 4 is max.

“For that amount of money, we’ll just buy new stuff when we get there and give all this stuff away!!!” The words still ring in my ears as I laugh to myself about my husband’s response to the mover as we planned to move cross country.

But that’s exactly what we did. Donated. Sold. Purged. All worldly possessions but the very few small things that could fit into our Honda Civic, along with our 3 animals.

We donated so much to a local charity that they limited us to a specific number of car loads per day. No lie. So we switched to another charity and donated. Then we sold what we could, including our house of over 10 years.

It all happened just like that. Quite by accident and lack of a better solution.

No matter how it happens to you, simplifying is highly recommended. For your mind, body and soul. We found we only require 4 forks. Any more is excess, and we’ve become what they call “minimalists.” Took me a while to get used to that phrase because it seemed so trendy and, well labeling. It really does encompass our lifestyle now, so we use it to the max.

Pay off bills, relieve yourself of as many bills as you possibly can. Get rid of “things” and keep the memories. At first it was scary, like falling off a tight rope, but then it became easy and now it’s the only way we can live.

For example, I used to collect cookbooks. Funny how we like to collect things. I never really used them, just collected and read them. I had over 1,000, maybe even 2,000. They are gone. Donated for others to enjoy. Any recipes I get from online and pin to my Pinterest board. Quite efficient, if I may say so myself.

I keep my recipes on my personal website here. It’s all good, clean, spotless and clutter-free. Just the way I like it.

I’ve found that when you clean out your closets, rooms, drawers and garages it also cleans out your mind. For me, it’s relaxing-not always having it looming overhead that I need to clean out a room or a garage. It clears the mind. I highly recommend it.

It’s not for everyone, but I know the day I depart this earth, I won’t be leaving behind a huge mess.

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