A Doctor’s Approval

There are times I don’t trust a doctor and times that I do. This is a time I trusted.

My doctor is female, around my age and an internal medicine physician. She has earned my trust, or at least 85% of it, which is saying a lot for me. I asked her about the keto/low carb eating everyone and their brother is on and her opinion. Simple and truthful, she said her patients following both have achieved lower weight, and along with the weight, lower blood pressure, cholesterol and no more type 2 Diabetes, in some cases.

My husband has lost over 100 pounds on low carb eating, so I’m used to cooking and counting carbs, and I myself (back in the Atkins days) have lost about 40 pounds. So, here goes, once again, but this time for another reason. To take care of me because 2019 I have made one and only one New Years Resolution-to love me.

Sounds simple, but for us nurturers, and sometimes referred to as “people pleasers,” not so easy of a feat. Over years of taking care of others, we lose ourselves.

I took a hard look at myself and discovered I want to take care of the vessel God gave me, once and for all. There’s so much more that goes along with loving ourselves, but for now it’s a start. A Fresh Start.

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