As the smoke clears

I’m not alone in this thought because my friends of similar age think about it too. We’re of that age taking care of parents if still alive and wondering about our own future and who will take care of us, if we need it.

This weekend I’ve watched a movie, a documentary and two television series that had the same common thread. It’s called loneliness.

The world is so big while you’re growing up, and your family is your “home base,” a place to go, a place to eat, a place to sleep.

Some people have more “home” than others.  Guidance, encouragement and self esteem-building.  Others aren’t as fortunate but gather skillsets along the way if they’re smart.

These skillsets take us through our lives, and after kids are grown and we can think about ourselves it’s good. And bad.

Loneliness doesn’t have to be an option, but as your family moves, passes or chooses to not be a part of your life, you find yourself alone.

Some always have family by their side, others don’t. I fall in the category of don’t. My friends are my family. I think the secret is to keep connected. Don’t let yourself be alone.

When the smoke clears, people have come and gone, and life slows down, you are never alone. We are all interconnected in life.

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