Better with Age

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”
– C.S. Lewis


Whiskey. Cast Iron Skillets. Fine Wine. Jeans. Leather.

Some things get better with age, and that goes for women also. Don’t believe me? Here are 5 reasons to believe.

1. Diana Nyad, Age 64

One of her mottos for life – “Find A Way”

2013 – First person to swim from Florida to Cuba without a protective shark cage – at 64

Diana – World champion swimmer, record breaker, story teller, inspiration to many. She never gave up, even after 4 attempts, and the first attempt would more than likely make me stop! Shark-infested waters. Way to go, Diana, you make me proud to be a woman.

  • Member of the National Women’s Hall of Fame and the International Women’s Sports Hall of Fame
  • Former Women’s Sports Foundation Trustee
  • Author of four books: “Other Shores”, “Basic Training for Women”, “Boss of Me: The Keyshawn Johnson Story”,  and “Find a Way: One Wild and Precious Life”

2. Audrey Crabtree, Age 99

“I feel so much SMARTER!”

Audrey needed 1 credit to graduate more than 80 years ago from Waterloo East High School

She began her educatiion in a one-room schoolhouse in Northeast Iowas and left school in 1932 because she had a swimming/diving accident that forced her to miss server school days. In the meantime, she had to stay home to take care of her grandmother who was ill.

A series of unfortunate events led her to not go back and graduate. She married, had a family, became a widow and all the while had one regret-not finishing high school. The high school awarded her with an honorary diploma after 80 years, and look at the smile on her face. Sometimes it takes something like this to make yourself feel worthwhile. Congratulations, Audrey!

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