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    The Foosball Tournament

    I compare the Super Bowl to a really long and new Say Yes to the Dress episode that most women wouldn’t miss for the world and most men would try anything to miss. I understand some women love the foosball, and I can sit for about 30 minutes as long as my husband entertains me, but I’m not one of them. NOW, if the Dallas Cowboys were in it, my Texas patriotism takes over, and I’m all over it-making the Super Bowl spread, dressing worthy of watching a silver and blue event, buying special dangly earrings with footballs on them-the whole shebang! Rams vs. Patriots Tom Brady, Tom Hanks, Tom…

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    Google + Comes to an End

    Sometimes I find myself liking or favoriting or lol-ing the same post on facebook, then on Instagram, then on Twitter, then on Google + Sometimes I get confused as to where I’ve seen something because we have so many platforms for social media. It seems that the older generation favors Facebook, some peeps love Instagram because it’s phot-based, and others love to Tweet. Recently Reddit seems to be the fad, but my favorite happens to be Twitter. The reason? Because I get my most current news, whether tech news, political news or entertainment news via Twitter. It seems to move fast, like me, and is more my style. Google +…..well,…

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    Tamale Workshop Recipes

    I took a Tamale-Making class at our local Central Market with a few work friends. Our teacher was a Tamale EXPERT, Nettie Lopez. She and her family have been making, not only tamales, but beans, flan, guacamole and other authentic Mexican dishes for years and years-the recipes were passed down over the generations. How lucky were we to actually get her recipes, and I’m sharing them with you! (I apologize in advance for not putting the individual recipes on cards to print-working on that to have available in this post soon) Tamale Workshop Nettie Lopez, Central Market Cooking School Tamales Ingredients: 2 cups masa harina (corn flour) 2 cups reserved…

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    Finger Foods for the Super Bowl

    I’m thinking that The Super Bowl is the most popular time to serve finger foods-whether it’s going to be a party of 1 or a party of 100. I figure it’s easier to watch the game while stuffing your face with finger foods instead of trying to use a fork or spoon. None of these photos are mine-I got them from Pinterest, so simmer down. Some of my favs, no recipe needed for these ~ And for Dessert ~ Please follow and like us:

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    What’s a Spurtle, you ask?

    Porridge? Well, simply put-they’re oats. usually steel cut oats, not what us Americans are used to. A Spurtle? A spurtle is a porridge legend with a lot of myths surrounding it. It’s a wooden stirring “stick” used for making porridge that dates back to the 15th century. The shape prevents lumps, unlike a wooden spoon, and also prevents the porridge, or oats, from sticking to it. A lot of thought went into designing it, it seems. Here, I’m standing with Bob Moore, the man on the Bob’s Red Mill packaging, with my BRM newly-awarded Oregon, where Bob’s Red Mill is located, makes their spurtles with myrtlewood. Here’s a myrtlewood tree.…

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    Burning Bridge

    The thought of burning any bridge figuratively may seem like a harsh reality, but sometimes it is best for self-preservation and happiness. I’ve always said, “You have to burn a few bridges to keep the crazies from following you!” That’s not as nice, but it is the truth. Have you met somebody that on first impression seemed nice, caring and sincere, only to discover they are self-centered, manipulative and (for a lack of a better word) CRAZY?! That’s when it’s time to step into action to save your soul. As a child, I thought someone would always come and save me, for some reason. Mom, dad, sister, friend. Later in…

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    Protein is KING!

    In the Low-Carb, Ketosis-Based world we live in, emphasis is on eating less carbohydrates, no sugar, and more fats. Protein plays a very key role in weight loss and metabolic health, and not many people realize this. I found it out just this morning. I was doing my annual work-related health biometric screening, and afterwards met with a P.A. who knew a lot about nutrition. I learned a few important things, and one is about protein and the way carbohydrates are broken down with the help of protein.    Carbohydrates, proteins, and fats are digested in the intestine, where they are broken down into their basic units: Carbohydrates into sugars.   Proteins into…

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      This guy. He asked one day why his last name was Bailey instead of his dad’s last name, Richardson. I said, “you’re kidding me, right?” “Brandon Bailey is just the coolest name I’ve ever heard. It’s contagious. It’s powerful. It’s perfection.” He agreed. We never spoke of it again. Tonight he conferenced me and his other grandma on a call together. We were both told that he called us together to discuss what we could all do to eliminate him having to spend 13 hours at his mom’s school. I should explain. He goes to 5th grade on a campus that is within walking distance of the high school his…

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    Thoreau had it right

    Most of us won’t find ourselves sequestered by a lake like Henry David Thoreau. I do believe that if my husband were able to take his boat named Dale and his fishing poles and tackle he might, however. Henry David Thoreau did make some great discoveries when he spent two years in the nineteenth century living by a lake called Walden Pond. The book he wrote, entitled Walden, describes the beauty of nature and how much he enjoyed it. In the book, Thoreau says, “Simplify, simplify.” I think we often go through life exhausted because we take on too many things, bring too much complexity to our days, and don’t have time to enjoy…

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    Treat Winter Ailments Naturally

    It all began in Black Diamond, Washington, which is a sleepy little town in the shadow of the mountain (Mt. Rainier, that is). When it’s clear, the mountain is out. When it’s rainy or cloudy, the mountain is asleep. Either way, the rain and cold and dampness really does a number on your immunity system if you’re not used to the climate. The owner of the restaurant/bakery we frequented in Black Diamond, named appropriately The Black Diamond Restaurant & Bakery, shared this old, family recipe of hers that goes back over 100 years. Her mother used to have a big pot of it simmering on the stove almost daily. When…

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