Cooking Contests

It all started in 2010. I saw Paula Deen on TV advertising a cooking contest.

Nothing really caught my attention until I heard her say, in her twangy Southern accent, “Do you want to win $25,000?” My ears perked up, I went online and then called my BFF, Vicky, who is the best cook I know.

I told her about it, and we both agreed to enter. You had to submit a video, and I had just gotten a new video camera for Christmas that I hadn’t even opened yet. I tore that sucker open, made a little cooking video and entered. Then I called Vicky and asked how her video went. My heart sank when she told me she hadn’t entered, and the deadline had now passed.

I carried on, crossed my fingers, all the time knowing I probably didn’t have a chance in H-E-double hockey sticks. I mean, who wins the first time they enter?

Fast forward a couple of months, and I got a phone call from a producer in Los Angeles that my entry had made it to the finals. Yipee!!! Off I went to Savannah, the home of Paula Deen, to become one of 16 finalists in a cookoff to determine who the 4 lucky winners would be to host a year-long online cooking contest.

Fast forward to the cookoff in Savannah, and I actually won the Appetizer division and became the Appetizer host, the recipient of the prize money and contract work for hosting the contest. Along with that came studio work in Los Angeles and Savannah and a whole new world. I don’t mean to brag, but I was as surprised as you are that I actually won!

After that, I continued entering cooking contests, winning a few, losing a few and making new cooking friends all over the U.S. My favorite cookoff? Bob’s Red Mill in Oregon.

My Winning Recipe ~ Steal Your Heart Away Eggrolls

With that win, my husband I were lucky enough to travel to Scotland for the World Porridge Competition with Bob’s Marketing Team.

Kraft & Paula Deen-Real Women of Philadelphia

My Original Recipes for Contests

World Food Championships

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