Fond Obsession with the City of New York

When I fantasize about being a young waitress while waiting on my acting jobs, it all happens in New York City. When I imagine I’m a writer and trying to publish my first book, of course, I’m unemployed in Brooklyn.

I love the words “Midtown,” “Times Square,” “Upper Westside” and “Soho.”

If a movie, new or old, is set in New York, I watch it earnestly. Obsessed? Yes. Totally. Since I saw ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ at a very young age. I yearned to climb a fire escape and sit outside smoking (don’t judge-I was 5 and we didn’t know about the link between cigs and cancer at the time-everyone in the movies and on tv smoked). I wanted nothing more than a front stoop with an overactive neighborhood and Nosy Rosies hanging their heads outside their front kitchen windows.

People always say to set your mind on your goal and work towards it, but somehow just the mystery of NYC is probably the best thing.

Sometimes mystery exceeds reality.

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