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Goof Balls

I don’t want to actually call these filled fried dough balls “donuts” because I try not to eat donuts (it’s a long story, trust me).

So, these are called-goof balls. See for yourself how easy and good they are.

Goof Balls


  • 1 can s store brand or name brand bisquits
  • 30 small marshmallows
  • 30 small chocolate or butterscotch chips
  • canoila oil to deep fry
  • 1 c powdered sugar or brown sugar or white sugar


  1. HEAT oil for deep frying. PRESS out each cycle of each bisquit. PUT 3 marshmellows and 3 chips in middle. FOLD sides up and pinch together to seal.
  2. FRY in oil, turning to get all sides golden. DRAIN. COAT "Goof Balls" with sugar of choice, they are hot so use paper bag to shake or tongs to roll around in sugar. OPTIONAL TO SAVE CALORIES you could bake and they are good just plain also.

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