Google + Comes to an End

Sometimes I find myself liking or favoriting or lol-ing the same post on facebook, then on Instagram, then on Twitter, then on Google +

Sometimes I get confused as to where I’ve seen something because we have so many platforms for social media. It seems that the older generation favors Facebook, some peeps love Instagram because it’s phot-based, and others love to Tweet. Recently Reddit seems to be the fad, but my favorite happens to be Twitter.

The reason? Because I get my most current news, whether tech news, political news or entertainment news via Twitter. It seems to move fast, like me, and is more my style.

Google +…..well, I very rarely even keep track, other than the occasional post because I feel obligated. So, it’s not news to me that the end is near. This April Google Plus will be no more. Goodbye to a very old acquaintance, not really an old friend. I just hope nothing replaces it because we’ve got enough to keep up with.

I just happily removed my follow Google + pin on my blog, and I will not be looking back. Sometimes you get it right and sometimes you just get it wrong, and that goes for Google.

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