Pinch the Deliciousness

In the fast and furious world we live in, cooking is sometimes only a necessity, unless it’s for special occasions.

That’s when, in our digital lives, we need a comprehensive, trusted and easy-to-use recipe site. That’s where Just A Pinch comes in hand.

I upload my recipes to Just A Pinch site, and I know in my heart that someday they will develop a phone app to make it even easier to access. For now, I do a Google Chrome search and use it that way unless I’m on my pc.

HERE is my JAP profile page showing how many times my recipes have been shared, or “Pinched,” as they call it. Kind of clever, isn’t it? You pinch others recipes to save them to your “recipe box” too.

If your recipe is tested and deemed worthy, they even send you an actual Blue Ribbon to put on your fridge with the name of the recipe and a handwritten note by Janet. And if you think you’re too old or too special to receive one of these, just wait until you get one in the mail because it takes you right back to kindergarten when you got a gold star from your teacher!

Me in our Kindergarten play-homemade costume that was yellow with yellow balloons-we sang “I’m a little Teapot” I don’t look very thrilled.

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