Social without the Media

I spend a lot of my spare time on social media because that’s the kind of person I am, and I’m not one bit ashamed of that.

Before social media existed, in the 60s and 70s, I had my own form of social media. It was called playing. I played with my friends on a daily basis. knocking on their doors, planning things to do, riding around on our bikes with not one care in sight.

Social without the Media.

So….when the term “social media” came about, I was on board – it made it easier to share my thoughts, ideas and feelings with all you lucky people who choose to listen, watch and laugh.

I got to know others, even far away from home, and it truly expanded my knowledge of people.

One day I saw this little blue bird. It was on!

I opened up one of the first Twitter accounts, to many young people’s surprise and wonderment.

“Could this old lady be onto something? I’d better hurry and create my account if Paula has one!”

Twitter, you’re welcome.

Many people nowdays have gone so far to prove with “scientific proof” that social media is ruining our minds.

Me? I say, “PASHAW!”

As I sit here on a lazy Sunday afternoon with the summer sun ablaze in Texas and a heat index of over 110 degrees, I could:

a. cook (and heat the house up when it’s 110 outside?!)

b. watch TV (the ultimate brain-ruining event)

c. chat on the phone (been there, done that already)

d. sleep (really?!)


e. update my namesake blog with new ideas and thoughts to share, send loving facebook posts for those to read and enjoy, tweet about law enforcement and the poor treatment society is giving them and thanking them for their daily service so we can safely live in our neighborhoods, enjoy Instagram photos of my dear grandson from my DIL, and research other people’s social media blogs and posts about keto foods and meals to help me and my husband remain healthy and at a good weight for living.

You’re right-E!

In summary, my love affair with social media goes above just “something to do” but rather Loving, Caring and Sharing.

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