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    No Flash in the Pan

    An article from several years ago in the local news that pretty much explains my reason for creating recipes and competing. It’s just fun!   For more than 40 years, cooking was nothing more than a hobby for Paula Todora, a Fort Worth resident with a 30-year career in commercial insurance. But less than five years ago, she entered a national cooking contest, and it “opened up a whole new world.” Paula is a seasoned veteran at the World Food Championships and will be a co-host of a nationally syndicated radio show, “Golf, Grape & Grub Show.” In 2010, Todora discovered what made her “tick.” She entered a Paula Deen…

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    Cooking Contests

    It all started in 2010. I saw Paula Deen on TV advertising a cooking contest. Nothing really caught my attention until I heard her say, in her twangy Southern accent, “Do you want to win $25,000?” My ears perked up, I went online and then called my BFF, Vicky, who is the best cook I know. I told her about it, and we both agreed to enter. You had to submit a video, and I had just gotten a new video camera for Christmas that I hadn’t even opened yet. I tore that sucker open, made a little cooking video and entered. Then I called Vicky and asked how her…

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