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    Steel Your Heart Away Eggrolls

    The winner in Bob’s Red Mill Steel Cut Oats contest, landing me in Scotland with their marketing team representing BRM and the U.S., this original recipe of mine makes me proud. Like a child of mine. It also made it’s way into a Family Circle Cookbook-the recipe that just never stops giving! I think you’ll love the recipe because it’s not really hard to make, but according to the emcee in Carrbridge Scotland at The Golden Spurtle, it is “orgasmic.” Seriously-I have a video to prove it. My husband insists I need to set up a booth at the Texas State Fair and sell these. I’m content with just knowing…

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    What’s a Spurtle, you ask?

    Porridge? Well, simply put-they’re oats. usually steel cut oats, not what us Americans are used to. A Spurtle? A spurtle is a porridge legend with a lot of myths surrounding it. It’s a wooden stirring “stick” used for making porridge that dates back to the 15th century. The shape prevents lumps, unlike a wooden spoon, and also prevents the porridge, or oats, from sticking to it. A lot of thought went into designing it, it seems. Here, I’m standing with Bob Moore, the man on the Bob’s Red Mill packaging, with my BRM newly-awarded Oregon, where Bob’s Red Mill is located, makes their spurtles with myrtlewood. Here’s a myrtlewood tree.…

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    Cooking Contests

    It all started in 2010. I saw Paula Deen on TV advertising a cooking contest. Nothing really caught my attention until I heard her say, in her twangy Southern accent, “Do you want to win $25,000?” My ears perked up, I went online and then called my BFF, Vicky, who is the best cook I know. I told her about it, and we both agreed to enter. You had to submit a video, and I had just gotten a new video camera for Christmas that I hadn’t even opened yet. I tore that sucker open, made a little cooking video and entered. Then I called Vicky and asked how her…

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