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    Keto Chorizo Breakfast Hash

    Anything made in a cast iron skillet just tastes better, especially a hearty but still “KETO” breakfast like this. Instead of potatoes, I used cabbage and a few chopped onions for this hash, and the chorizo is such a great keto ingredient because it adds the fat you need, as well as the protein. The spices in it just adds the crowning glory to whatever it touches. Please follow and like us:

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    Cheesy Breadsticks

    It’s all the rage in the “Low Carb World” – FAT HEAD. Originally Fat Head was a documentary directed and starring Tom Naughton that blew up the theory of nutrition and lipid hypothesis. Surprisingly, Naughton’s ending, as compared to the documentary Super Size Me, revealed his overall cholesterol had dropped from 222 to 209, his LDL dropped from 156 to 130, and his HDL (good stuff) increased from 49 to 64! But that’s another story altogether. The Holy Grail of low carb pizza dough, bread dough and any other kind of dough you could ever dream of is called Fat Head Dough. It’s wheat-free, grain-free and seriously amazing, if I…

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    Sausage Balls

    Back in the day (and I’m talking about the 70s), sausage balls were all the rage. We couldn’t believe that a pound of sausage, some baking mix and some cheese rolled into balls and baked would be as good as they were! As we discovered that carbs were evil, so many substitutes were made. Coconut flour, almond flour, Carbquik baking mix, you name it. The easy way to make these yummy 1-carb beauties is to see what you have on hand and go for it! My recipe has coconut flour, and it’s much more absorbent than almond flour. Usually 1/4 cup coconut flour is substituted for 1 cup almond flour…

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    Breakfast Muffins

    These are a great on-the-go breakfast, or if you’re like me, something easy to shove in my mouth because I’ve been told I need to get my metabolism going first thing. And that coffee alone doesn’t count.  I have to confess I’m not a lover of the egg, but I can tolerate recipes with eggs and a bunch of other stuff together, like this one. I’ve used bacon, ham, sausage, spinach, onion, mushroom, on and on and on…practically anything I have in my fridge that is going to go bad in the next few days. My favorite (that shows in the photo well) is the feta. Once I threw some…

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    Deviled Eggs

    Print Deviled Eggs Servings 12 Ingredients 12 eggs 1/2 cup mayonnaise 1/4 cup sour cream 1 teaspoon dry mustard salt & pepper paprika optional (I don't use it) 1 fresh jalapeno pepper seeded and minced (my addition because it just makes them good!) Instructions Place eggs in a saucepan and fill with water at least 2 inches above eggs. Add some salt, bring to a boil and then turn to medium low and continue cooking for 25 minutes. Drain hot water and fill with cold water. Peel eggs and cut lengthwise with a sharp knife, emptying yolks into a small bowl. In the bowl, add the remaining ingredients, using about…

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