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    TOH Salads

    Taste of Home (TOH) is a good site to quickly find recipes. As a contest cook, I’ve won a couple of TOH contests, and my recipes are on their site and in their cookbooks also. Several of my cooking friends have done the same, so I trust Taste of Home to bring us the newest and tried-and-true recipes that we need to cook for ourselves and our families. Because of the contests that they run, recipes are from home cooks like you and me-you gotta love that! That means simple ingredients that you usually have on hand and less steps. Here are some of my favorite salads from TOH-photos courtesy…

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    What Does a Dutchess Eat?

    Kate Middleton is graceful, beautiful and seems to know what to eat to keep her slim. Yes, she’s young; Yes, she has a staff to cook for her; Yes, she has money; But it doesn’t hurt to learn from the best, right? William and Kate have been known to cook their own meals also and have family dinners and meals with friends. Pretty normal it seems, but what do they eat? It’s rumored that she loves curries, lots of protein, little carbs, vegetables, fruits and whole wheat bread. Kate and her mom followed what is called The Duken diet, created by Dr. Pierre Dukan and also a bestseller in the…

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