The Foosball Tournament

I compare the Super Bowl to a really long and new Say Yes to the Dress episode that most women wouldn’t miss for the world and most men would try anything to miss. I understand some women love the foosball, and I can sit for about 30 minutes as long as my husband entertains me, but I’m not one of them.

NOW, if the Dallas Cowboys were in it, my Texas patriotism takes over, and I’m all over it-making the Super Bowl spread, dressing worthy of watching a silver and blue event, buying special dangly earrings with footballs on them-the whole shebang!

Rams vs. Patriots

Tom Brady, Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise?

Super Bowl LIII

53rd Super Bowl, so that explains that.

Los Angeles versus New England-pretty simple. Location-Atlanta, not sure why. I do know it’s called the Mercedes-Benz stadium, so it must be fancy and new and shiny. Hope the weather isn’t too cold.


Most important to me. Gladys Knight is singing the National Anthem, which will be exciting for me since I grew up on Motown music in the 60s. Halftime-Maroon 5, so more excitement there for me. I do know Big Boi is also going to perform, and I like his name-reminds me of a K-9 unit on Live PD. When they catch the bad guy, the K-9 cop always sayd, “good boi, good boi” to his K-9. Kind of the same but not. I also know Travis Scott will be there singing, and I’m in the know about the Jenner girls, and I know Kylie and Travis have a baby girl named Stomi. Very cute baby!


I’ve already picked a pre-favorite. It’s a Pepsi commercial (brings to mind when Michael Jackson’s hair caught on fire in a Pepsi commercial).


I’d suggest something easy because who wants to be stuck in the kitchen. Crockpot is good. Dips and cold food is better.

Check my Appetizers HERE, and make my chili HERE. The chili is low carb friendly for all those keto friends of yours, and no beans, so no unfortunate gas during the foosball game.

That’s about it in a nutshell. Go Yams!

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