The GE Electric Great American Grandma is HERE!

One in a blue moon I come across a cooking/casting call contest that just rocks my boat. This is one of those!

General Electric Appliances created a contest for a Not-So-Average Grandma to represent them in cooking demos on their state-of-the-art appliances. How fun would THAT be?!

I couldn’t help but enter, and since my grandson makes me a Grandma (aka “Nana), I was sure to have him do the video required for entry with me. In fact, after a very long day at a local college where that 5th grader won a slot in an Engineering Program (YES!!!), we came home and shot the video in less than 5 minutes. Microphone in hand, we winged it.

I felt it was the best way for GE to get to know me (us!) and see what makes us tick. For those of you who know me, you know how I love technology and social media. Age has no bearing when it comes to these two things for me. I even manage to teach my two grown programmer sons a couple of things….sometimes.

I have this need to stay in the loop of society, keep current with music and everything else, and still maintain my sense of dignity and age. Although I have to tell you that I still feel 28 years old. It’s true-you really are as young as you feel. It’s not true that blondes have more fun because I’m feeling a little touch of gray adds a whole new dimension to FUN nowdays!

When you get older, you settle into who you are, and with that comes a great sense of security and peacefulness.  I’m the Grandma who bakes cookies then hides veggies in a side dish so we can all live longer by being healthy together.

So, take a look at my entry video for the contest-it was fun, fast and fabulous to make with my effervescent grandson…they say we’re two peas in a pod, and I have to agree, although peas are full of carbs!

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