Thoreau had it right

Most of us won’t find ourselves sequestered by a lake like Henry David Thoreau. I do believe that if my husband were able to take his boat named Dale and his fishing poles and tackle he might, however.

Henry David Thoreau did make some great discoveries when he spent two years in the nineteenth century living by a lake called Walden Pond. The book he wrote, entitled Walden, describes the beauty of nature and how much he enjoyed it. In the book, Thoreau says, “Simplify, simplify.” I think we often go through life exhausted because we take on too many things, bring too much complexity to our days, and don’t have time to enjoy life. We are in need of simplifying our lives.

James and I are happy, content and as stress-free as one can be living on this earth right now. Why? Because we did just that-Simplified.

Sold our home of 11 years, sold and donated all but what we could fit into 2 Honda Civic trunks. Then we took off across the U.S. for a year. Yes, it was at first unsettling, but our journey there and then back brought us peace. True peace. Now we live with very few “things.” Clothes. Shoes. Furniture. STUFF.

  Here we are with our 2 cats and dog and 2 big, happy smiles going on a road trip of a lifetime!

We now understand Thoreau and what he discovered by becoming one with nature and shirking personal possessions to concentrate on the barest of essentials in life. I don’t believe many people would do this, in fact I only know of 1 other than us. It’s liberating, freeing and calming. Yes, it takes about a year or two to completely understand what is waiting on the other side of clutter and chaos, but once you’ve arrived it’s Bliss.

Minimalists we are and will always be because we could never go back to the other side of simplicity. Thank you, Thoreau.

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