Treat Winter Ailments Naturally

It all began in Black Diamond, Washington, which is a sleepy little town in the shadow of the mountain (Mt. Rainier, that is).

When it’s clear, the mountain is out. When it’s rainy or cloudy, the mountain is asleep. Either way, the rain and cold and dampness really does a number on your immunity system if you’re not used to the climate.

The owner of the restaurant/bakery we frequented in Black Diamond, named appropriately The Black Diamond Restaurant & Bakery, shared this old, family recipe of hers that goes back over 100 years. Her mother used to have a big pot of it simmering on the stove almost daily. When she felt even just a little under the weather, a couple of cups of this warm liquid gave her energy and cured what was getting ready to ail her.

The trick is to catch it early before it gets bad. In the winter, have the ingredients on hand just in case.

Here’s the magical potion boiling on the stove

In a large pot filled with water, cut up 5-6 large oranges, leaving skins on, and add to the water. Cut off the white parts only of a bunch of green onions. That’s right green onion. Just look at all the benefits they have ~ 



Now add the fresh ginger.  As much as you can handle. I started out with a small nob of it, peeled and sliced and can now handle the taste of about 5 times that.

We all know that oranges are full of Vitamin C that protects us in the winter, but just look at the other benefits oranges have ~

Lastly, after the magic potion comes to a boil, you’ve turned it down to a simmer and covered it on the stove. Ladle out a mug of it and add some honey. The honey is mainly to sweeten it up a little so it tastes palatable, but honey also has health benefits ~

This Asian family natural remedy and energy booster really works.


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