Vintage Vittles

hahaha-vintage vittles, or is it “viddles?”

Synonyms for vittles


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Well, considering what I grew up eating, “vittles” is an overstatement! My first memories of food are from my elementary school years, and boxed food was the rage, along with anything Kraft advertised on TV and in magazines. One of my favorite things for my mom to make for us on a Friday night (in her light pink oven) was foil-wrapped hot dogs, including relish and mustard and cheese, all heated up making the hot dog bun warm and crunchy. I can taste it now. I haven’t been able to locate the vintage ad, but wieners were all the rage, and things like wrapping them in bacon and adding cheese was innovative.

We grew up on Miracle Whip instead of mayonnaise, Margarine instead of butter and processed cheese slices instead of real cheese. When I think back, before the 1950s, everything was homemade-biscuits, pies, pot roasts, everything! So, when the age of convenience and time-savers came out in the 1950s and 1960s all the women (men didn’t typically cook, and it hurts me to even admit that) filled their shopping carts up with these new fangled foods.

As many women stayed home as housewives and moms (aka stay-at-home-moms) back then, doesn’t seem logical they needed so many shortcuts, but it was all new, exciting and “Jet-Age!” It’s funny how it all just circles around because nowdays we’re all about making from scratch and more healthy eating than fast and furious dinner fixes.

Kids don’t even know what margarine, or oleo, is, and that’s a good thing!

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