Walking Man

They say no man’s an island. I know that to be untrue.

There are people you meet who give the impression they have feelings, but when they’re good at their game of life, they don’t have feelings at all. Sometimes it takes a minute to see through their game, sometimes unfortunately it takes years to detect.

A song came on the radio today while I was working by James Taylor-“Walking Man.” I stopped working, closed my eyes, leaned back in my chair and took it all in. Feel free to do the same.

Sweet Baby James has always had a way of speaking to me like no other songwriter/singer. At times, he speaks the same story and years later I get it.

He said in the past he wrote a lot of songs about his dad, who wasn’t very present physically or emotional in his life. As a reality, and very sad to say, there are many children that have the same emotions when their father comes into mind. Boys aren’t any different from girls in this, in fact, I believe that boys suffer more from the absence of their dads than girls. They say (whoever “they” is) that a boy gets his self esteem from his dad. Without a dad, little self esteem. James Taylor once described his dad like this ~

 “I have a sense that he was emotionally sort of frozen”

James Taylor/Singer-Songwriter

I had a long life experience with a frozen man, and trust me – it’s lonely.

Whether they are physically present or not, being with an emotionally frozen person is difficult at best. Here is what JT said about his mother and her quest at being happy in her marriage ~

“she was waiting for her husband to come home. That always stayed with me, somehow”

James Taylor/Singer-Songwriter

I can spot a frozen person a mile away, whether they’re playing their game or not, and I’m sad for them. But mostly, I’m sad for their family.

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