What do I think of Myself?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 

We really need to concentrate on how we manage the changes we are about to embark upon. It’s not easy, and anything that is easy won’t last. That’s common sense.  

Our behavior day in and day out and the strategies we use to make our ideas become a habit and a new way of life are important. It’s not easy, as we all know!

Here are some strategies that may help us achieve our goals ~

1. Goal setting Pros and Cons

Be specific in your goals-saying, “I’m going to lose weight,” for example, is too broad. Maybe a better goal is to become healthy by losing weight or to eliminate prescription meds by losing weight and lowering your blood pressure naturally.

It may not be a good idea to be too specific. If you set your goal to lose 50 pounds and fall short, disappointment and frustration will follow.

You can set your goal to eat fruit for dessert instead of pie, or to drink a healthy smoothie for breakfast instead of eating pop tarts. You can control these goals easily.

2. Reward Yourself

Just like a child, adults too need rewards for good behavior! If you reach a small goal that is evident to you and you alone, reward yourself with a manicure. For larger goals maybe a larger reward. Who doesn’t like to be spoiled, and there’s nothing wrong with spoiling yourself.

3. Be Kind to Yourself

Believe-don’t be cynical. If it didn’t work before, then surely it won’t work this time is a a bad idea. Believe that you can change and results WILL happen! You can do THIS, whatever your goal is.

4. Enlist Enforcement

It’s so much easier doing this with a spouse, coworker or friend. Be accountable to each other.

5. Keep Track!

I love spiral notebooks, the cheap 10 cent kind. Buy a notebook and keep a journal of your new journey in life. It helps you visually see what you are doing and not doing to achieve your goal.

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