What Does a Dutchess Eat?

Kate Middleton is graceful, beautiful and seems to know what to eat to keep her slim. Yes, she’s young; Yes, she has a staff to cook for her; Yes, she has money; But it doesn’t hurt to learn from the best, right?

William and Kate have been known to cook their own meals also and have family dinners and meals with friends. Pretty normal it seems, but what do they eat?

It’s rumored that she loves curries, lots of protein, little carbs, vegetables, fruits and whole wheat bread.

Kate and her mom followed what is called The Duken diet, created by Dr. Pierre Dukan and also a bestseller in the UK. The first stage, known as the Attack Stage is mostly lean proteins and oat bran. Then on to the Cruise Stage where you add veggies, then the Consolidation Stage where you add fruits and whole grain breads. The Stabilization Stage is eating what you want for a week, then only lean proteins on the last or 7th day. 

Something I couldn’t live on is raw food. Kate implements this into her diet  with ceviche, goji berries, gazpacho, watermelon salad, almond milk and tabbouleh. To be hones, I don’t care for many, other than the almond milk, but without cereal, what good is it?

She’s been rumored to pretty much pig out at holidays with the massive buffets and breakfasts. I’m sure if you’re a size 6 you can afford to pig out once or twice a year.

Every time she was pregnant she was sick, and her diet of avocados, berries, oatmeal and other simple dishes helped her put on the weight needed for a healthy pregnancy. I never seemed to have that problem with my two pregnancies!

At tea time she must find herself surrounded by small cakes and sweets. She occasionally treats herself to traditional confections like jam roly-poly or sticky toffee pudding, favorites that William and Harry enjoyed as boys at Buckingham or Kensington Palace.

So, it seems being a Dutchess still has it’s problems, like steering away from all the rich foods available at a moment’s notice.

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